Dash Lite 2 SP 127kg


Supplied as a padded canvas as standard in a black nylon material on Self Propelled chairs and Unpadded on Attendant Propelled.

Part Code Description
MDLWU0111 Back Canvas : 16" : Unpadded
MDLWU0114 Back Canvas : 17" : Unpadded
MDLWU0110 Back Canvas : 18" : Unpadded
MDLWU0113 Back Canvas : 16" : Padded
MDLWU0115 Back Canvas : 17" : Padded
MDLWU0112 Back Canvas : 18" : Padded

Dash Lite 2 SP 127kg Back Canvas

The Dash Lite 2 with its quality aluminium frame combines a 127kg user weight and a light and balanced lifting weight which is appreciated by users and attendants alike.