Dash Life 170kg and 190kg


Supplied as a padded canvas as standard.

For 170kg and 190kg chairs the seat canvas is supplied as a one piece canvas.

Part Code Description
MSD4LA0314 D4L:SEAT CANVAS:20" x 16" 170KG/190KG
MSD4LA0317 D4L:SEAT CANVAS:20" x 18" 170KG/190KG
MSD4LA0320 D4L:SEAT CANVAS:20" x 19" 170KG/190KG
MSD4LA0323 D4L:SEAT CANVAS:20" x 20" 170KG/190KG
MSD4LA0315 D4L:SEAT CANVAS:22" x 16" 170KG/190KG
MSD4LA0318 D4L:SEAT CANVAS:22" x 18" 170KG/190KG
MSD4LA0321 D4L:SEAT CANVAS:22" x 19" 170KG/190KG
MSD4LA0324 D4L:SEAT CANVAS:22" x 20" 170KG/190KG
MSD4LA0316 D4L:SEAT CANVAS:24" x 16" 170KG/190KG
MSD4LA0319 D4L:SEAT CANVAS:24" x 18" 170KG/190KG
MSD4LA0322 D4L:SEAT CANVAS:24" x 19" 170KG/190KG
MSD4LA0325 D4L:SEAT CANVAS:24" x 20" 170KG/190KG

Access Accent 170kg 190kg Seat Canvas

The essence of this family of wheelchairs is the unique design of the wheel axle block and side frame giving a wide range of wheel sizes, wheel positions and user weight options.