Dash Combi 3 in 1 Tilt in Space Shower Chair


Part Number Description
CBBS In bath support
LJ1S Combi cradle mesh Small
LJ1M Combi cradle mesh Medium
LJ1L Combi cradle mesh Large
LJ1XL Combi cradle mesh X Large
CSSPM Combi straight side panels (M)
CSSPL Combi straight side panels (L)
CCSPM Combi cranked side panels (M)
CCSPL Combi cranked side panels (L)
LJ5S Aperture Small
LJ5M Aperture Medium
LJ5L Aperture Large
CBT Base transporter
LJ15 Vinyl cushion/ Funnel
CF12P Commode frame & 12" pan
CFP Footplates (Pair)
CFB Footboard padded
LJ6 Flat pad
LJ7 Overlay panel
LJ11 Hoist strap
LJ12 Chest strap
LJ9 4" roll
LJ14 Ankle restraints
LJ13 Bib Harness
HS Head support on velcro
LS Lateral supports on velcro

Combi 3 in 1 Tilt in Space Shower Chair. Download the accessories help sheet from the link below.